Mocking stars looks down on the frozen face

Laughing lights pity the fate of the broken face


Tales of love and pain lulls the sorry soul

Lifts the troubled girl of the chosen face 


For nothing could be done for lasting change

And she stares at the distant star with a stolen face. 

Another lost DREAMer  


My heart aches… in thousand different places


  because this was something I had thought about …in the past.

When I felt so alone, and hopeless after graduation. When I blamed myself for not being able to attain higher education.

I wanted to disappear. I thought then maybe, I won’t feel this pain anymore. I won’t feel so useless. so worthless. 

I think this is why, when I found my undocumented community, I went all out. I was and still am so passionate about this fight because I get so tired of the “all-star” immigrants narrative. It was that which made me so depressed and hated myself for not being one of those “all-stars”.

We lost another DREAMer. The tug-of-war game between politicians shut another set of dreams and goals to the point where a youth took his own life. How …how heartbreaking his family must feel.

Can you imagine what his mother is going through right now? Came to the country labeled Land of the Free, sacrificed everything she had for something called brighter future, and lost one of her son… her baby. 

I send prayers to Joaquin and his family. 

We need to unite as one, to reach out to one more DREAMer each day to prevent this from happening. We can’t keep losing youth because of some stupid government official’s laziness. we are not some tools to win votes. We have a face, we breathe just like you, and we dream like no other. 

Protect your goals, your dreams, don’t lose hope.

Keep fighting. 

A fellow DREAMer from GA


Final Fantasy Music and Comic-con Avatar Trailer music blasting at the same time.WHAT IS GOING ON


This happens to me ALL the time. ><;; 

Ugh what an annoying week…

for some reason, I have been irritable ALL week. and it wasn’t even sharkweek. (ah ha.haha pun totes intended shout out to my breadmaker skye)

and its even more frustrating because I have no one to talk to about all the events that pissed me off. I can’t talk to the activism sphere people because 

 1) I dont know them enough to trust them with my secrets.

 2) they are closer to the people I have been having issue with

and I can’t talk to my friends “friends” (See I cant even talk properly. augghh) because they have no idea who or what I am going through.

hence why I have been rambling/ranting on Tumblr all week this week. Which I have never really done before.


just dramatic and emotional roller-coaster all week  

you know when you are super duper tired, to the point where you just become delusional and really hyper/loud?

yeah im at that point. And it’s not even 9 yet.


future husband, 

we are getting a German Shepard and a Labradoodle when we get a house together. 

you better be a dog lover. I’m naming them Mofu and Kaka. 



watermelons are the best mid-night snacks ever.

It’s perfect for filling up your empty stomach and majority of it is water so you don’t gain weight from it. 

"A simple black rectangle with rounded corners, an elastic page-holder, and an internal expandable pocket: a nameless object with a spare perfection all its own, produced for over a century by a small French bookbinder that supplied the stationery shops of Paris, where the artistic and literary avant-gardes of the world browsed and bought them."

…Black hardcover Moleskine 

Oh Yes… how much I want them.

When listening to Sigur Ros, I always imagine myself in a light summer dress, laying down in middle of blue and green meadow, while the summer rain gently drops warm kisses all over my body…

I need to find myself some nice meadows around here… 

Georgia’s summer forecast = scattered thunderstorms for the next 6 days…